Home Appliance Installation
The Casarella Company LLC specializes in the installation and replacement of residential appliances.

We provide gas line and propane piping for kitchen appliances, dryers, grills and fireplaces units.

We have in-house master gas fitters and plumbers that are trained to keep your home or office safe. We have extensive experience of working on gas line installation, testing and repair throughout Central Connecticut.

Incorrect gas line installation, testing and repairs can even lead to harmful consequences for you and your family.

With The Casarella Company LLC, you can be confident that your gas line installation has been done properly.

•Flexible Gas Line Installation & Repair
•Solid Copper Gas Piping Installation & Repair
•Install Gas Lines for Appliances
•Natural Gas & Propane Line Installation & Repair
•Installing Gas Stoves
•Install Gas Fireplaces
•Install Gas Dryers
•Install Gas Grills
•Install Natural Gas Lines for Outdoor Grills

The Casarella Company